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Welcome to Friends of Bata - A first memory... where the passion stems from.

The blog section will consist of frequent stories, lessons and updates from the Patrons and Contributors to the site.

As a first post, I would like to start with a non Corona-Virus story and fantastic memory.

As many of you are already aware, Bata has a tradition of honoring employees that have served in the company for over 25 years. I was fortunate whilst Company Manager in Chile to get to organize such an event near the old factory in Penaflor, and since it had not been done in a few years - quite a large cohort! We were treated to the dancing of the bafochi, one of the elite traditional dance groups in Chile that performed dances from all regions of the country and naturally a ceremony to recognize our illustrious group.

The tradition in Bata Chile has been to give the employees a watch from a prestigious Swiss watchmaker to recognize this milestone. Memorably, I had the fairly unique privilege of hosting a certain store manager, Pedro Avila, in his second 25 year award ceremony as he had completed over 50 years in the company, enthusiastically continuing to run his Downtown Santiago store.

I always enjoyed spending time with team members that had worked a long time in the company and I have many great memories from working with them, learning an awful lot in the process. It was also an enormous pleasure to have my entire family present which added to the grandeur of the event.

A special thanks to former Latam President Mr Justo Fuentes and Bata Chile HR Director Cosme Vilches for making it possible!

Credit: Bata Chile BATANEWS no.13

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