SUPPORT THE VULNERBALE: meet our next $1000-Micro-Initiative winner: Friends of Dzikwa Society

Friends of Bata started the $1000 micro-initiatives to give local leaders, grass roots organizations or dedicated individuals the opportunity to fund their projects.

Every week, Friends of Bata selects a winner from the applications received that week. Our next winner is Friends of Dzikwa Society.

Friends of Dzikwa is an organisation, which in collaboration with the educational Dzikwa Trust Fund provides direct grassroots asssistance to vulnerable people in Dzivarasekwa, a predominantly working-class suburb of Harare, Zimbabwe. The Dzikwa Trust was founded by Finnish citizens and is also situated in Dzivarasekwa and started support activities over 25 years ago. Dzikwa Trust runs a multi-functional Activity Centre for 380 orphans from 6 years to tertiary level. Friends of Dzikwa was founded in 2004 together with the Ministry of Social Welfare to raise funds to support the Dzikwa Trust orphans as well as other vulnerable children.

Dzivarasekwa has been affected greatly by COVID and Friends of Dzikwa is supporting the elderly, widows and other vulnerable groups with this grant. The organization has already identified 100 beneficiaries in the Dzivarasekwa community through the Food and Nutrition enhancement project. The beneficiaries are the guardians of the children we feed daily at our Centre. The children will come to collect their food at the Dzikwa Trust activity Centre in lunch boxes and take it home. Friends of Dzikwa found out that a portion of food given to one child may be shared by the other people at home. The most critial point was to visit the first group of 100 guardians and to determine their need. This group would remain vulnerable even after the lockdown since all informal sectors have been banned from operating. Friends of Dzikwa are going to procure essential basic foodpacks containing mealie-meal, soya mince, cooking oil and a bar of washing soap.

The aim is to:

· promote food and nutrition security

· improve the health and livelihood of the marginalized poor of Dzivarasekwa

· lessen the burden of price hikes on woman and vulnerable households.

Many organisations have already supported Friends of Dzikwa in their efforts of helping the most vulnerable through this difficult time and Friends of Bata is proud to be contributing to this cause.

For more information, please visit their facebook page.

All images belong to Friends of Dzikwa Society and Dzikwa Educational Trust.

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