Setting up small community businesses: Meet our next $1000-initiative winner.

Friends of Bata started the $1000 micro-initiatives to give local leaders, grass roots organizations or dedicated individuals the opportunity to fund and realise their projects.

Every week Friends of Bata selects a winner from the applications received that week. Our new grant recipient is Springs of Life.

Springs of Life Zimbabwe is an organization that focuses on setting up small community businesses in low-income neighbourhoods. Mr Laytone Marisa, a project manager for this organsation, had previously set up successful projects including a community bakery (Epworth, 2017) sponsored by the American Embassy and a sewing project (Epworth 2018) backed by the Embassy of Germany.

The focus of this project is rabbit rearing. For the duration of one year, Springs of Life will help to implement and run the project, while training the beneficiaries to lead the project on their own in the future.

The beneficiaries make a one-off contribution of US$5 per head to instil a greater sense of responsibility and ownership. This investment goes towards the construction of a cabin for the rabbit cages. Waste from the rabbits will be used to fertilise nutritional gardens for a separate project. It is expected that the first rabbits can be sold after three months and part of the profits is put back into the project to keep it running longterm. This project should increase monthly household income, thereby making the beneficiaries, mostly women, more independent and self-reliant. The awarded grant has coverered the purchase of 20 parent rabbits, injections and medicines to ensure the animals stay healthy, pellets for 3 months, as well as rabbit cages.

This project was launched in September and is going well. Friends of Bata are glad to support a project that has the potential lift people out of poverty, by providing them with business skills and opportunities to generate income.

We hope that the participants can grow their businesses further and we wish them good luck!

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